10 August 2020, 18:30 - (UTC+3)

Title : Clasp diagrams

Speaker : J. Mostovoy

Organization : Knots and representation theory 

12 August 2020, 15:30 - (UTC+3)

Notice that the time changes due to the time difference.

Title: Splitting cobordism orientations

Speaker Sanath Devalapurkar (Harvard University)

Organization : Seminar in Moscow and Beijing by zoom

13 August 2020, 17:30 - (UTC+3)

Title: Outer billiards outside regular polygons: sets of full measure and aperiodic points

Speaker: Fillip Rukhovich

Organizatinon: Mathematical colloquium in BMSTU

Featured Events

Special lectures of prof. V.O. Manturov
in Tsinghua University

Time: 15:30-17:00, July 28, Aug 1/ 4
Zoom Meeting ID: 831 5020 0580
Password: 141592
Title: Framed 3-graphs and picture-valued invariants.
Lecture 1. Free knots and parity. Picture-valued invariants and the formula [K]=K.
Lecture 2. The group G_{n}^{3} and framed 3-graphs. Invariants of 3-free knots and maps from 3-free knots to free knots
Lecture 3. Link homotopy (after N.Habegger and X-S.Lin). Invariants of links up to link homotopy. Unsolved problems


Knots and representation theory

18:30 -- 20:05 (UTC+3), Monday, MSU in Moscow 

V.O. Manturov, D.P. Ilyutko, I.M. Nikonov, D.A. Fedoseev, S. Kim


Moscow-Beijing Topology seminar

10:30 -- 12:00 (UTC+3), Wednesday 

V.O. Manturov, Wan Zheyan, Ren Shiquan


Mathematical colloquium in BMSTU

17:30-- 19:00 (UTC+3), Thursday, BMSTU in Moscow 

K.Y. Fedorovsky, A.V. Filinovsky, V.O. Manturov


Математический кружок в МГТУ

15:30-- 17:00 (UTC+3), в четверг, МГТУ им. Баумана, г. Москва

K.Y. Fedorovsky, A.Y. Kanel-Belov, P.S. Kolesnikov, V.O. Manturov 


Математический кружок для школьников

17:00-- 18:30 (UTC+3), в субботу, МГТУ им. Баумана, г. Москва

K.Y. Fedorovsky, A.Y. Kanel-Belov, P.S. Kolesnikov, V.O. Manturov 

Lectures on Knot theory by R. Fenn and L. Kauffman

starts on Thursday 16 April 2020

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