Disk potential functions for polygon spaces



2021 09 01

07:30 (GMT+0)


Yoosik Kim

Moscow-Beijing Topology Seminar

In this talk, I will discuss 3D polygon spaces from the perspective of SYZ mirror symmetry, completely integrable systems, Lagrangian Floer theory, and cluster varieties. I am going to highlight the importance of 3D polygon spaces in (1) construction of cluster varieties as mirrors via Floer theory and SYZ mirror symmetry (2) computation of disk potential functions via the process from global to local and from local to global’ process. This is based on joint work in progress with S.-C. Lau and X. Zheng.

Meeting ID: 831 5020 0580
Password: 141592
Zoom link: https://zoom.com.cn/j/83150200580?pwd=Z3VaRzhreko1TUhnWnJXQ05mRHNrQT09

Time line

Chicago -8h

Moscow +0h

Beijing +5h

Seoul +6h

Tokyo +6h